Secrets are Revealed !

microphoneIn October 2015 Paul Rollins invited Norton Tennille, Ron Enders, and Chuck Elkins down to his home in Asheville for a mini-reunion. As one of the “events” of the reunion, Paul proposed that he interview all three on his weekly radio show, “What’s Your Story?” They all agreed, not know what was in store. Chuck even brought along a video camera to capture the interview on tape. The result was the revelation of stories not heard before about the adventures of these three, plus Paul, because the interviewees turned the tables on Paul during the radio show by asking him to tell of his transformation into a genuine Hippie.

We won’t bore you with the entire hour-length recording, but here are some short segments that contain some of the most interesting stories:

    How Paul went from being a Pan Am pilot to being a genuine hippie in California in less than 6 months?

    How Norton got “fired” from his Law Firm and ended up in South Africa

    How Ron became an inveterate bicycle traveler across many third world countries

    How Chuck ended up at the Environmental Protection Agency by way of India.

  2 comments for “Secrets are Revealed !

  1. Jean Clary Hussey
    January 20, 2016 at 7:29 PM

    Ditto Alice’s comments, as I too learned a lot from these videos. And they made me think about the crossroads in my life. Thank you for doing this, Paul.

  2. Alice Grant Chambers
    November 11, 2015 at 4:19 PM

    Even though I know and have heard histories from these guys, I learned something new from each of them. Great job Paul- so glad you did this and you guys make all of us Proud!

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